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Some people think the only way to get in to university or to secure a good job is to study A-Levels. They’re wrong. We’re here to set the record straight.

Solihull College & University Centre offer a range of vocational courses, including BTECs. This infographic video sets the record straight on some popular BTEC misconceptions and explains how for many students vocational courses are the superior choice to A-Levels.

Vocational courses cover a whole range of levels and subjects. Level 3 Extended BTEC qualifications are the equivalent to 3 A-Levels. However, the ways in which these courses and A-Levels are taught and assessed differ greatly. For example, BTEC courses are continuously assessed via coursework and practical projects rather than big exams at the end of the year.



BTECs focus on teaching you the specific skills needed in a particular subject area to succeed in the industry, something which is highly attractive to employers. In fact the College speaks directly to top employers when course content is being designed.

Not only that, but 95% of higher education insitutions in the UK accept BTEC students, so if university is your aim, a vocational course can be a great path to follow. You may also be ahead of your peers in terms of practical experience!